On February 06, 2006 INTIMATE formally set sail to operate as an Institute of Training Innovative Management & Technical Education in strategic cooperation with a number of Qualified Training Personnel & Consulting Professionals and Institutions from home and abroad.

With over 160 million people struggling to live in a geographical territory comprising hardly 147,570sqm, Bangladesh emerged as the most densely populated country in the world. In spite of such high density of population, grossly disproportionate to its size, Bangladesh successfully achieved GDP growth rate well above 6 (six) percent for last few consecutive years and its economy is now expected to grow at above 7 percent in the coming years. Bangladesh is set to leave the LDCs category by the year 2024.

However, to achieve sustainable development goal and reach its fruits to the people of all rank and file, serious efforts must be undertaken by all stakeholders to ensure proper education and professional skill of the country’s growing young generation constituting more than one-third of its population. The architects of INTIMATE therefore thought it appropriate to work in two broad sectors, i.e., education and management skill development of the country’s youth. In the education sector INTIMATE shall work to carry out in phases a research to randomly assess the primary and secondary level students’ height of intelligence, capacity to learn, absorb and apply. The outcome of the research program shall be disseminated with the school authorities. For the management skill development, INTIMATE’s engagement shall include designing suitable modules on the contemporary issues of banking, finance, sales, marketing, and HRD and delivery of training programs for the young professionals.

INTIMATE belongs to the ARENCO Group which was founded in 1974.