Hello our young friend,

We can see from our TRAINEES’ DATABASE that you participated in one or more of our Banking & Finance related Training Programs. 

Like many other participants, most probably you too had some questions which you could not ask because of time constraints. 

Perhaps you know, at INTIMATE we provide training with the basic objective to develop ‘new generation managers’ and we are dedicatedly doing so more as a matter of passion than profession since our establishment in the year 2006.

We surely believe , your quest for knowledge remained unsatisfied because you were not nominated by your employers for our follow-up programs. 

We have therefore set up INTIMATE ONLINE LEARNING CENTER (IOLC) to satisfy your quest for knowledge in any banking/finance related subject. IOLC MEMBERSHIP IS FREE OF CHARGE. 

If you are interested in FREE IOLC Membership, please send us your consent by SMS or WHATSAPP or EMAIL. 

After becoming a Member of the IOLC, you can send us any question or query by SMS or WhatsApp . We shall send you the reply as soon as possible. If necessary, we shall consult our Panel of Experts before replying your question.

Md. Serajul Haque , 
B.A. (Hon’s),M.A.(
 English,D.U .),DAIBB 
Ex. Banker & Principal, INTIMATE
Cell: 01713078818

Join a unique Facility to Learn

To facilitate the young Bankers and NBFI Executives, especially those who don ’t get official nomination for Institutional Training , INTIMATE INTENSIVE LEARNING CENTER o ffers 3 (Three) Training Workshop sin the month of August 2019 as per following Schedule.

Bank Guarantee: Saturday 03/08/2019 From 3-6PM

What is Bank Guarantee? Type of Bank Guarantee. Parties in a Bank Guarantee. How BG is Issued . Sanction Advice of BG, Margin and Commission of BG, Vouchers at Issuance , Cancellation and Payment. Cancellation and Payment procedure, Validity extension, Renewal of BG, Margin refund. Treatment of Expired BG, Risk issues involved in handling BG .

Mortgage Document : Saturday 24/08/2019 From 3-6PM

History of sale deed and Certified Copy, Baya Deed. Survey in the Sub-continent. How to know C.S , S.A, R.S, B.S, M.S parcha . Mutation Parcha , DCR. Rent receipt, Non-encumbrance certificate, Govt. fees receipt , Mouja Map, Valuation certificate and Lawyer’s opinion. Ways to verify the genuineness of the property proposed for mortgage.

Work Order Financing :31/08/2019 From 3-6PM

What is Work Order Financing? Verification of Work Order, Source of Fund for Payment, Documentation, Nature of advance,  Execution of Special Power of Attorney for receiving payment cheque for deposit in loan account, Supervision of the progress of work, Risks associated with work order financing .

Mode of Training : Threadbare Discussion, Practical Demonstration, Supply of Reading materials for ready reference at home & work place and doing by self in the class room.

Chief Trainer: Mr. Serajul Haque, Ex-Banker & Principal, INTIMATE

You may join in any or all the Workshops @ Nominal Fee of Tk. 1,000/ Workshop
For Reg , Please Call : 01713078818/01711567137, Email:

Venue: Hotel Grand Oriental, House # 1/B, Road # 23 , Gulshan  1.